The Cool Kids vs The Nerd

The Bank Sale: Mixtape 2008


01 LMC Rocks (Logarhythmix))
02 One Two (Shit On The Industry (Logarhythmix))
03 Gold & A Pager (So What (Logarhythmix))
04 What Up Man (What’s Happening Bro (Logarhythmix))
05 Black Mcgs (Ride A Bicycle (Logarhythmix))
06 Jingling (We Are (Logarhythmix))
07 Time Of Action (Not Panic (A Better Way (Logarhythmix)))
08 What It Is (Time To Wake Up (Logarhythmix))
09 A Party (For Everyone (Get Involved (Logarhythmix)))
10 88 to 08 (To The Future (Logarhythmix))

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