Happy New Year people! So this is just a mix I did for you all for NYE. Well, originally it was for the L.A. Underground radio show I’m helping with, but I figured I’d share it with all of you first as it’s got some Logarhythmik exclusives mixed in. I’ll let you know when it goes on the show. It’s called Last Night In the Garden Of Eden and although I’m really not one for organized religion (they’re all antiquated) and don’t really identify with any one (maybe Buddism a bit more than the others but I’ve kind of created my own personal set of beliefs) it really just seemed to come together and kind of just make sense. I wanted to show off my self created genre of Hip-tronik/Eclektrik-Funk, incorporate some of the afro/latin/world type influences which I hear at Afro-Funke (I realize many people aren’t exposed to and don’t really know much about this type of music), and I wanted to make something fun that would kind of capture some of the vibe of when I was traveling and partying in some of the tropical locations I visited in Central and South America. I feel too often people see me and my music tastes as too serious or that I don’t know how to have fun. On the contrary, I’ve been blessed to be able to have a ton of fun in my life. I do always try to stay in balance and face the world and it’s problems head on, however I totally value fun and the need to socialize and enjoy life to the fullest. I think the dawning of a new year (especially after the tough one we just had) is a great time to do just that. Anyway, enough words. Download, listen, have some fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR! PEACE!!!

Download the Last Night In The Garden Of Eden Mix (with Comments)

(to download, right-click the link, then save as)

-note- I did this on my portable macbook pro/xponent setup while traveling so the mixing and vocal quality isn’t as great as if I used my tables and a proper mic… whatever, it was fun to make!  Oh yeah, the art is by Anthony Casay.  Kinda cheesy but I think it just fits, lol.

I dig this. I’ll be helping out for NYE. Stop by. Should be fun.

Please come join us for our very first Afro Funke’ New Year’s Eve Bash @ Zanzibar
- Presented by KCRW

(pre-sale tickets highly recommended!)


We are honored to welcome in the dawn of a new decade together with YOU.









Afrobeat, Brazilian, Dub, Reggae, Cumbia, Samba Disco,

African Salsa, Afro-Latin House, Indian Beats, Makossa,

Balkan, Funk, Blues, Highlife, Broken-Afro-Beat, Salsa,

& Other deep-rooted soul music from around the world




guest deejay:


Committed husband of one and father of three, Garth Trinidad was born in upstate New York and raised in
Los Angeles in the 80s. An artistically gifted lover of the cultural aesthetics of hip hop, reared on his parents
record collection and AM1580 KDAY from Miriam Makeba and Michael Jackson to the Furious Five and the
Wreckin’ Crew. While an illustration major at Otis College of Art and Design and avid listener of public
radio, he payed dues as an office volunteer at Santa Monica, Ca based NPR affiliate, KCRW 89.9FM. In 1996
Garth Trinidad’s “Chocolate City” took KCRW airwaves by storm and has since had a profound effect on the
ears, minds, and souls of Angelinos, while introducing the concept of “urban alternative” music to the world via the web.

Since the birth of his award winning radio program, Garth has worked relentlessly to expose the new and
progressive while paying homage to the classic by weaving together intergalactic tapestries of sound that tell
stories of the human soul. This love of music is evident in career highlights such as Jill Scott’s first public
performance in LA, the groundbreaking theatrical concert, “Deep Fried Live” at the Getty Center, the
“Atlantiquity” remix project for Rhino records, and music supervision for season 4 of HBO’s Emmy winning
series, Entourage. As a voting member of The Recording Academy (NARAS), residing on the R&B and
alternative genre Grammy nominee selection committees, Garth’s focused on supporting the Urban
Alternative initiative.

Through his work as a DJ and radio personality, event producer, music supervisor, and journalist, he’s helped
jump start the careers of Jill Scott, Kelis, Dwele, Van Hunt, and Gnarls Barkley, while artfully exploring the
concept of soul music in a multitude of genres, roots, and movements worldwide. Whatever the style, Garth
speaks of viewing all music through the eyes of a child of classic hip hop, when the movement was nebulous.
He hunts for pure sounds – dirty, sexy, raw, rhythmic, and dynamic, from classic rock, roots reggae, and
samba, to jazz, electronica, hip hop, and house.

When asked about the future of his burgeoning multi-project laden career, he just says, “…maybe it’s a Pisces thing…i’m searching for transcendence”.

(photo: Cary Sullivan)




live performance by:


Son of an Urhobo tribal chieftain, NAJITE AGINDOTAN is a master percussionist who, from a very young age,
traveled with the Urhobo cultural music troupe under his father’s direction. They traveled throughout West
Africa and performed at national festivals in their native Nigeria. A fervent participant, Najite devoted
himself to theater performance, traditional dancing and drumming.

In his early teens, Najite was introduced to international superstar Fela Kuti and his original afrobeat music, a
potent combination of Nigerian dance styles layered with funk guitars and Yoruba rhythms. Najite became

Fela’s student and, upon the death of his father, he was taken by Fela as his godson in a traditional ceremony at
the African Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria.
After relocating to Los Angeles, California, Najite immersed
himself in the arts of the African Diaspora.

His talent and reputation grew as he worked with jazz luminaries such as Horace Tapscott’s Pan-African People’s
Arkestra, Billy Higgins and Jimmy & Jeannie Cheatham. During this period Najite was also privileged to
contribute to the work of African artists such as Remi Kebaka.

During his time in Los Angeles he has received several prestigious awards and grants. In 2000 He was recognized
with a Congressional Award for Cultural Excellence by Representative Diane Watson, and has received
grants from the California Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts and the University of
California’s Riverside, San Diego and Los Angeles campuses. In 1991 he received a NAACP Image Award as
Best Musical Director for the stage play “Omalingwo”. Najite & Olokun Prophecy is a culmination of his
African and American experiences, an expression of his

love for the music and people of the world.




drum & dance performance by:


This dynamic African Brazilian martial art / dance / music company relocated its South American roots to the
United States in 1989. Powered by the vision of Artistic Director Joselito “Amen” Santo, the ensemble’s
program of dance, percussion and song captivates audiences in an energetic celebration of Brazil’s rich
cultural heritage. Capoeira Batuque introduces the public to the beauty and diversity of Latin America
through explosive movements and sounds, including the athletic capoeira and the

rhythmic maculele stick dance.

The company members work regularly as a group and as individuals in film and television, and have performed
their art form for corporate media events, educational institutions, museums, theaters and festivals. They
have received funding support from corporate sponsorships to state and local groups such as the California
Arts Council and the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department.

(photo: Amir Magal)


resident deejay:


(Afro Funke’ / KCRW / Musaics)





resident deejay:



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afro funke’ photography, booking & production:




AFRO FUNKE’: Thursdays @ Zanzibar

1301 5th St Santa Monica, CA 90401

9pm | 21+ (EVERYONE Must Have ID!) | 310-451-2221
| AfroFunke.com

$30 presale & 40 @ door





January 7, 2010

guest deejay:


(The Eclectech / VOODOO)







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“Serving the world with love and cooperation, you will find your own true self. As you help those in need, selfishness will fall away, and without even noticing, you will find your own fulfillment.”




L.A. Underground Flyer-Front

L.A. Underground Flyer-Front

L.A Underground Flyer-Back

L.A Underground Flyer-Back

So as you likely already know if you’re reading this, I’ve made some changes to the website. Pretty simple yes, but much better than what I had going on before and a much easier and useful way (bandcamp) to allow people to download my music while also allowing me to keep in contact with them afterward. Let me know what you think.

I’ve also been working on helping setup a new event called L.A. Underground which I will also be performing at. There’s gonna be 7 plus djs, 3 plus spoken word artists, an art exhibit and it’s all going to be broadcast live online at www.punkrockdemo.com.

The flyer says Deep House/Electro House and I think there will be quite a bit of that but I have a feeling there’s going to be quite a variety of sounds, at least on my part, lol. I’ve kind of thrown out the chiller deep house set I had planned and am gonna do something a bit more upbeat and multi-genre. I might even throw in some original stuff I’ve been working on. I’m gonna try and open some ears and minds and rock it in the process…

It’s all happening at LaBrie’s in Glendale this Sunday evening. I think I go on around 9:30pm with about a 45 min set. We’ll see how it goes and I hope to see you there! Big thanks go to FelixG Productions for helping put this all together.

Happy Thanksgiving and PEACE!


Here’s a short six-song demo mix i did.  It’s got some Thievery Corp, Mozez, Mr. Scruff, Telepopmusik, Jose Gonzalez & one of my current new favs School of Seven Bells.  Check it out.  I’m also gonna try and put together a best of 2008 list and maybe a best of 08 mix?  I did a great set for a New Years fiesta but didn’t record it… Damn!  Next year I guess.  Until then enjoy this mix and the new year.  2009 is gonna be fine…

Download the Chilled & Stirred (Demo Mix)