Happy New Year people! So this is just a mix I did for you all for NYE. Well, originally it was for the L.A. Underground radio show I’m helping with, but I figured I’d share it with all of you first as it’s got some Logarhythmik exclusives mixed in. I’ll let you know when it goes on the show. It’s called Last Night In the Garden Of Eden and although I’m really not one for organized religion (they’re all antiquated) and don’t really identify with any one (maybe Buddism a bit more than the others but I’ve kind of created my own personal set of beliefs) it really just seemed to come together and kind of just make sense. I wanted to show off my self created genre of Hip-tronik/Eclektrik-Funk, incorporate some of the afro/latin/world type influences which I hear at Afro-Funke (I realize many people aren’t exposed to and don’t really know much about this type of music), and I wanted to make something fun that would kind of capture some of the vibe of when I was traveling and partying in some of the tropical locations I visited in Central and South America. I feel too often people see me and my music tastes as too serious or that I don’t know how to have fun. On the contrary, I’ve been blessed to be able to have a ton of fun in my life. I do always try to stay in balance and face the world and it’s problems head on, however I totally value fun and the need to socialize and enjoy life to the fullest. I think the dawning of a new year (especially after the tough one we just had) is a great time to do just that. Anyway, enough words. Download, listen, have some fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR! PEACE!!!

Download the Last Night In The Garden Of Eden Mix (with Comments)

(to download, right-click the link, then save as)

-note- I did this on my portable macbook pro/xponent setup while traveling so the mixing and vocal quality isn’t as great as if I used my tables and a proper mic… whatever, it was fun to make!  Oh yeah, the art is by Anthony Casay.  Kinda cheesy but I think it just fits, lol.